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Omagosh can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted here!

I had such a great day at the Gibson Ranch Wedding Expo last weekend. I met with quite a few brides & grooms looking for a dj who would work with them. I can’t believe it when they tell me they’ve spoken with djs who said they had a play list they could pick from or style they’d have to deal with. Sheesh! It’s not your show, it’s theirs! Work with the requests of your client, find a way to put some of you in the event, but it’s their celebration and ‘vision’. We are there to help them have a wonderful time and create memories to last a lifetime.

When they come up with something you know has flopped or is probably going to kill the dance floor…make sure to let them know your experience but it’s ultimately their party and just make it work. Sometimes its ok to have more of a cocktail party experience instead of an all out dance party. I’ve been pleasantly surprised several times in my career when a party that I was worrying over had no one dancing…. but the guests told me at the end it was the best time they’ve had. I had a bride who chose all ballroom and Rat Pack music and it was ended up being a killer party. They danced right up until the end.

“Just be yourself”, I’ve been told and they will have a wonderful time with you. That’s what I try to do. I’m constantly learning about people and music and types of events. I’m still really happy I walked in to an interview in ’97 not knowing how I could possibly fit in as a dj. Yet here I am, still enjoying helping people smile and dance and be happy!


Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year! Here’s to 2016, let’s share love & laughter with family & friends. Set goals to smile at strangers, do a good deed, the recipients might just need that little lift or they’ll thing you’re a nut.

One of my definite goals this year is to post at least 1-2 blogs a month to keep myself creative and sane.

Everyone loves a selfie; I thought this article was cute! Ring Selfies

I am excited that I already have some great events for the new year: a few holiday parties, father daughter dance for a favorite school, another school fundraiser with bingo and dancing, and those are in January alone! Go 2016! Let’s get this party started! 242463-Quotes+about+positive+attitude

Sweet 17

I had the best time playing for a 17 year-old girl’s birthday this past weekend! They requested karaoke and dancing so it was destined to be a blast! Mom wanted her daughters party to go along with her loves, which are music and dancing. I set up while the kids were inside making their own pizzas. They kept looking outside and asking what was next.

Once the party was underway they were dancing and singing their favorite songs. Dad got into the mix with Uptown Funk and danced his butt off finishing off with splits MJ would’ve been jealous of! If you’re looking for a ‘grown-up theme for a late teens party a dance party with a dj is a good choice!

Not my most exciting blog post, guess you should’ve been there!

That Moment…

First Look

“The moment a groom sees his bride for the first time on their wedding day brings a flood of emotions that can hardly be described.

That’s why the videographers at Mitchell Reilly Pictures have captured those moments that are sure to make you cry tears of joy.” Richard Thompson, associate editor at Rare.
Source: http://rare.us/story/this-compilation-of-grooms-seeing-their-brides-for-the-first-time-is-sure-to-make-you-teary-eyed/#cAgmFWfZVuBBypVl.99

Father Daughter Dances

I absolutely love djing ‘father daughter’ dances! There are so many themes and games that you can put together to celebrate the guys and girls send them home with some great memories! I’ve been a part of about 15 of these dances in the last few years. Sock hop themes: with poodle skirts and leather jackets and Fonzie’s hair * Guys & Dolls with black suits and white ties dancing with their girls dressed in flapper fringe * Prince Charming’s in tails and the princess’s in sparkling tiaras * Neon 80’s night with dad looking like he stepped off stage at a hair band concert with their Cyndi Lauper-look-alike-pony-tail to the side girls * Snowball themes in Winter’s wonderland and dad in a suit and the girls dressed in pretty dresses and furs. Sports themes with dad dressed in his favorite team jersey and girls in their soccer socks * Country western themes with cowboys and cowgirls line dancing the night away. I could go on and on! Several games and props add to the theme like  hula hoops, playful competition between the girls and the guys balancing balls and riding ponies, relays with dress-up costumes and hats, snowball fights with puff balls and tissue wrapped ‘snowmen’ in scarves & hats! Such a great night for them to spend with their dad, grandpas, and uncles!

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The above pictures are from Alan Kidwell Photography.

Snowball 2015 Thanks to Cheryl Wagner Photography (and a few from my cell phone)







So much fun!

DJ’s Eye View

Often, I sneak a few pictures at my events so I can remember the beauty of the setting and the love shared between family and friends. I wish often that I could spend just a little more time in the moment and regret when it’s time to say goodnight ladies and gentlemen.

River Highlands Ranch Wedding
River Highlands Ranch Wedding
River Highlands Ranch Wedding - my view
River Highlands Ranch Wedding – my view
River Highlands Ranch Wedding - <3
River Highlands Ranch Wedding – Just getting started

Happy Video

Oak Ridge Winery Wedding 2014
Oak Ridge Winery Wedding 2014
Oak Ridge Winery Wedding
Oak Ridge Winery Wedding 2014
Ladies Night at Embassy Suites event
Ladies Night at Embassy Suites event
Ladies Night Conga Line at Embassy Suites event
Ladies Night Conga Line at Embassy Suites event
Sweet 16 YMCA
Sweet 16 YMCA

20140628_221532 20140628_222557 20140628_210747

Wedding at Hawks
Wedding at Hawks

20140622_003205 20140621_222358 20140621_183823

Cody & Annaliese's Wedding Granite Bay
Cody & Annaliese’s Wedding Granite Bay

20140517_203418 20140517_203416

Summer Wedding for Christy & Patricia
Summer Wedding for Christy & Patricia

20140503_191553 20140503_180358 20140503_194501 20140504_163443

Mother Son Picnic ( my son co-djed!) & Father Daughter Dance
Mother Son Picnic ( my son co-djed!) & Father Daughter Dance


Holly's Sweet 16
Holly’s Sweet 16
Miner's Foundry - Such a neat building!
Miner’s Foundry – Such a neat building!

2014 was a great year with some lovely events…I have so many more pictures…I’m going to need another blog!

Video Montages

Let’s get started! I really enjoy producing video montages for weddings and special events. I think it’s a great way to view memories. It’s neat to see the brides & grooms and to get a glimpse of them growing up and the beginning of their love story. Wedding montages showcase the couple, their family and friends and are set to favorite songs that enhance the photos and video they provide. Montages are a great way to celebrate the guests of honor at events including birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries.They are also wonderful as a way to remember loved ones with Celebrations of Life, which I find extremely powerful and touching.

Brendan & Heather Wedding 2014

Casey & Sarah Wedding Montage

Bob Wheeler Celebration of Life

Aunt Delores Celebration of Life

Silly boys, beats are for girls!